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In 2012 my journey of awakening, healing and holistic living began after I decided to leave my career as a TV Producer. 


At first I lugged my Reiki table all around Los Angeles. Then, I gave Angel readings at local crystal stores. After meeting a Spiritual Radio Show Host at a networking event I went on to book dozens of appearances on Holistic Tele-Seminars. During interviews I spoke about Spiritual Awakening, Personal Growth and Transformational Healing.  


Before I knew it I had built a thriving international business and brand.


Then, one day I woke up and realized what I built wasn't about me but rather us and a way of living and being your true self...


Now I am dedicated to assisting others to live a holistic, awakened and spiriutal  5D lifestyle I call... 

Awakened Vibes....

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher 
Certified Life Coach 
Certified in Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Healing  & Spiritual Response Therapy 
Wellness Event Planner 
TV Host & Producer
Energy Helaer, Intuitive, Medium, Oracle and being Magical...


Interview: The Love Detox - Alicia Eccles
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Interview: Awaken Magic - Margarit Brigham
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Interview: The Pauly Cast - Paul Dolman
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Your Divine Uniqueness - Moncef Afkir
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